Rockville Fencing Academy



Coach Stu


Coach Stu Philosophy:


Stuart Sacks is trained as professional educator (chemistry teacher) who has over 25 years of experience coaching Olympic-style sport fencing. Coach Stuart has taught students of all ages (6 to over 70) and levels, including national medalists, international team members, youth fencers in top 10 of U.S. National points lists, and qualifiers to the U.S. Junior Olympics, as well as hundreds of recreational fencers.


 What separates Coach Stuart from other instructors is his ability to work with youth fencers and recreationally competitive fencers who would like fencing to be a part of their lives without devoting their entire lives to training. He is especially good at nurturing young fencers and helping them find the motivation to become successful competitive fencers. He is also experienced at helping recreational fencers of any age achieve their goals in the sport.


 His goal is to provide all members with a physical and mental challenge that will build discipline, physical stamina, and provide an enjoyable experience.