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Coach Stuart Sacks Resume


Teaching Experience

      Mid 80's to Mid 90's - high school chemistry teacher in suburban Philly

      Mid 80's to Mid 90's - day camp counselor ( 7 year olds ) & camp administrator

                                         (Sesame/Rockwood day camp)

       Mid 90's to 2001 - high school chemistry teacher in Fairfax County


 Fencing Coaching Experience

      2006 to Present - Opened Rockville Fencing Academy (RFA)

         Head Coach

                Coach group beginning and recreational classes

                Coach advanced competitive group classes and private lessons

                RFA students have won medals at local, regional, and national level events,

                 including Don Davis' gold medals in men's veteran 40 foil at USFA Nationals

                 RFA has the best youth and adult recreational foil program in the Capitol Division

                 RFA has the strongest competitive foil fencing in the DC area


      2001 to 2005 - Full-time foil coach at Virginia Academy of Fencing

             Coached students of all age ranges

             Took over the competitive foil program in 2002

             2003 to 2005 - 72% of all foil qualifiers from the Virginia divisional level

                                     (for national events) came out of this program

            Produced medal winners in local, state & national level competitions, including placing

                                   a student in the Veteran 60 women's world team


      Mid 90's to 2001 - Part-time coach at Virginia Academy of Fencing (VAF)

           Developed youth program

           Developed adult recreational program

           Helped VAF grow from a small part-time club to a full-time club with a

                                       large permanent facility


       Mid '80s to late 90's - Established & ran fencing program for kids at Sesame/Rockwood

                                           day camp in suburban Philly


      Mid '80s to mid 90's - Coached adults at Phoenixville Fencing Club and

                                          Abington Adult Night School


      1980 - 1989 - Ursinus College Fencing Club Team founding member, president and then

                             coach; led the team to an 8 year unbeaten streak